With many advanced and innovative features, the best zero-gravity chairs might bring many health benefits. nesting behind them. From padded chair headrests and backs to quality craftsmanship, you will automatically know that you are sitting in these chairs thanks to a weightless and comfortable feeling. With that in mind, here are top 4 reasons why you should go for a zero gravity chair.

1. Relax your neck and back

Most zero gravity chairs are typically designed with an innovative messaging system that is able to apply massage techniques on your neck and back such as balancing or kneading. More importantly, you can adjust the up-and-down moves of their mechanical arm to increase the efficiency and adequately cover each ligament or vertebra.

What makes a heavy-duty zero gravity chair different from other models is its capability of performing a massage which might frame to revive tense muscles and alleviate back pain. These extrusion and traction movements are specially produced for fraying massage. Thus, it gently stimulates your muscles and helps to relieve the elasticity of the fibers.

2. Reduce pressure on your spine

Nowadays, many people spend a large part of their daily life in “out-of-alignment” stances. These include sitting behind the computer desk, seating behind the wheel, or even enjoying your night on a comfortable sofa. After repeating for a long time, these positions might reduce the level of flexibility and strength of your muscles, leading to noticeable or severe aches and back pains. Here is where a zero gravity chair comes in. Featuring intended designs and reclining configurations, these advanced units would result in a considerable reduction on the pressure level applied on your spine. More importantly, they allow for an even distribution of pressure on the entire body.

3. Improve respiratory function

Some kinds of zero gravity chairs have an integrated roller system which works with proper tension on important acupuncture parts of the body. This mimics special massage methods by stimulating the “shiatsu points”, which facilitates blood circulation and allows for an easier respiration. Also, most of the best zero-gravity chairs come with a vibrating feature, which can generate continuing massage oscillating waves. Thus, they can favor blood circulation in your capillary vessels and eliminate fatigue quickly.

4. Enhance circulation

By creating an inclined angle of your body, zero gravity chairs allow for an ideal position that eliminates the effect of gravitational pressure. As a result, it will automatically induce a beneficial and relaxing impact on the circulation and muscles. Some models are even able to fold in more than 3 positions to help you choose the most comfortable option.

In some more advanced chairs, you might find an air pump feature that would work continuously to generate the driving force for many air pillows. What’s more, they also have magnetic therapy systems, specially designed to enhance the level of circulation and stimulate your body’s metabolism. These types of zero gravity recliners are often equipped with mobile, silent, and intelligent massage arm to provide a relaxing, professional, and complex massage experience for everyone.

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