Back in the days, videotape cassettes were considered the best invention since sliced bread. Many people who reveled in the golden era VHS most likely still have the tapes lying around. It might be entertainment –movies or music or recordings of special family occasions like birthdays. Give that DVDs have wholly pushed tape players into the world of the forgotten, the big question today is how to watch VHS videos on a DVD.

The answer lies in VHS to DVD converters. The solution to tech problems is always technological, someone once said. VHS to DVD converters has made it possible for people to transfer video recorded on tape to digital format safely. This way you get to relieve your old days with that birthday party film or that favorite family movie. What is even better, the best VHS to DVD converters allow files to be copied and shared with others on the web and social platforms.

Things to look for in a VHS to DVD converter include performance, user-friendliness, and affordability.


The best VHS to DVD converter should be able to give quality video output consistently and with speed and excellence. Users should have access to different functionalities including video editing and sharing. To enhance the user experience, the best VHS to DVD converters come readily equipped with audio capture and upload options to the website and social media.


User friendliness

The are many types of VHS to DVD converters in the market. The best ones are compatible with all kinds of tapes including camcorder tape. The converters support different digital output formats including MPEG 1, MPEG 2 and MPEG 4. Then again, it is necessary to have easy-editing functions. The converters where not build for rocket scientists, or were they?


Seamless Video Capture

The best VHS to DVD converter should be able to capture VHS, VCR, Beta or camcorder tapes and transform them into HD digital formats. Beyond that, users can play around and enhance their videos through functionalities that enable adding background music or freezing video frames.


Audio Recording

The video is not the only reason people buy VHS to DVD converters. The best converters should also offer audio capabilities. You should be able to convert your old LPs and cassettes into mp3s or mp4. With some of the best VHS to DVD converters, one can add sound effects like reverb, and the converters can automatically add a title to tracks plus other garner information.

Cables and Device Compatibility

The best VHS to DVD converters offer multiple device compatibilities. You should not have problems connecting to either your PC, camcorder or analog VHS. The best products have RCA and S-video cable compatibility.


Video Editing

When it comes to video editing, you don’t want a painstaking experience. Video editing is usually a big task that might drain the memory and processor of your computer. Before purchasing a converter, it is best to assess its requirements in regards to computer memory and processing speed.

The best VHS to DVD converters usually come complete with an editing suite. You may or may not select to use this software, but it is helpful in compressing, editing or changing file formats.

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